Children’s Ministry


Sunday June 14, 2020 Lady Michelle Harris

Have each family member choose a number between 1 and 5, and then play TRUTH or DARE based on the number they choose!

1 – TRUTH: What do you love about church? DARE: Balance a spoon on your nose.

2 – TRUTH: What is your favorite way to celebrate? DARE: Pat your head and rub your stomach at the same time.

3 – TRUTH: What’s your favorite food to eat at parties? DARE: Do your best dance moves.

4 – TRUTH: What is one thing you want to thank God for? DARE: Go outside and shout, “Jesus loves you!”

5 – TRUTH: What is something you love about your family? DARE: Tell everyone in the room one thing you love about them.

Today we’re celebrating how the Church isn’t a building, it’s people — like us! People who follow Jesus by loving God, loving others, and having fun doing it together are the Church. That means we are the Church!

So say this after me: I Am (thumbs to chest) The Church (make a C with one hand and place it on top of opposite hand)

How did the early church love God and love others? (Learned about Jesus and lived like Him, put others first, prayed together, shared everything)

How can you show love to God this week? How can you show love to others this week?


Father God, thank You for our church! We’re so excited that we get to be the Church every day! Please help us to love You and love others. Show us how to be the Church to our family and neighbors this week! We love You and celebrate You! Amen.