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Sunday June 21, 2020 Lady Michelle Harris

There is a man who lived a long time ago who was really good at being patient and kind. His name is Abraham, and we can read about him in the Bible. Let’s play a game while we learn more about Abraham.

As you read the story below, listen for the words “patient” and “kind.” When you hear the word “patient,” pass the beanbag to the person on your right. When you hear the word “kind,” pass it to the person on your left. (you can fill a sock with rice, beans, or pennies)


You can find this story about Abraham in the first book of the Bible, called Genesis. The Bible tells us that one day, God said to Abraham, “Leave your land and follow me. I will tell you where to go, just be PATIENT and you will see.”

God told Abraham that He was going to bless many people through Abraham’s KINDNESS and would
punish anyone who was not KIND to Abraham. God promised to be KIND and PATIENT with Abraham if Abraham would just follow Him!

So, Abraham told His wife, Sarah, and his nephew Lot, “Come on! Let’s go follow God to where He is sending us!” They packed up all of their things and headed toward the land God had promised.

Abraham, Sarah, and Lot had a long, long way to travel to get to the new land. They walked for days and days, and it kind of felt like they were walking in circles. They probably got hot and
tired, and maybe even wanted a snack along the way, but Abraham showed KINDNESS to God and to the others with him by not complaining. Instead, Abraham took time to thank God for all He had done for them along the way.

Abraham showed love to God by being PATIENT and not giving up when it was taking a long time to reach the land. He trusted that God was going to be KIND and help them reach the land!

When Abraham wanted to give up, he showed KINDNESS by not complaining and PATIENCE by waiting with a happy heart for God to show them the way to go!

Just like Abraham, we can show love to God and others by not complaining when things don’t go our way… that’s KINDNESS! And we can show love by always waiting with a happy heart… that’s PATIENCE!


Is there someone that you have a hard time showing kindness to? How can you be kind to them this week?

Have you ever really wanted something that you had to wait a long time for?

How can you show love and be patient while you wait?

Love Is Patient and Kind

There are some verses in the Bible that tell us how to love each other. We’re going to practice memorizing them over the next few weeks. Today we’re going to start by memorizing the first part. Say it with me!

“ Charity suffereth long

and is Kind”

1 Corinthians 13:4


God we pray that I would see you as being Loving, Kind and Patient, and help me to show love to others by being patient this week. AMEN!