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Sunday July 19, 2020 Lady Michelle Harris

Love Does Not Keep Track of Wrongs

Today we’re going to talk about how love does not keep track of wrongs.

BIBLE STORY The Unforgiving Servant (Matthew 18:21-35)

READ the following story, emphasizing the words “king”and “servant.” MAKE the corresponding sound with kids after saying both words.

This story in the Bible can be found in the book of Matthew in the New Testament. One day, Peter came to Jesus and asked how many times he should forgive. Jesus answered by telling Peter a story.

Once, there was a KING (TRUMPET NOISE) who had a SERVANT(GROWLING NOISE) who owed him a lot of money. The SERVANT(GROWLING NOISE) knew that it was wrong for him to owe the KING (TRUMPET NOISE) so much money because he couldn’t pay it back. When the SERVANT(GROWLING NOISE) went to the KING (TRUMPET NOISE) and begged for forgiveness, the KING (TRUMPET NOISE) decided to not keep track of what the servant owed him! The SERVANT (GROWLING NOISE) was so excited and went on his way.

After leaving the KING (TRUMPET NOISE), the SERVANT (GROWLING NOISE) found another man who owed him a little bit of money. When the SERVANT (GROWLING NOISE) saw the man, he ran up to him and told him to repay the money right away! The man could not repay him, so the SERVANT (GROWLING NOISE) had him thrown into jail!

When the KING (TRUMPET NOISE) heard what had happened, he was so mad! He couldn’t understand why the SERVANT (GROWLING NOISE) would keep track of the other man’s wrongs when the KING (TRUMPET NOISE) had completely forgiven his wrongs! The KING (TRUMPET NOISE) had shown love to the SERVANT (GROWLING NOISE), but the SERVANT (GROWLING NOISE) didn’t show love at all!

Jesus told us this story so we could see how important it is to not keep track of the wrong things others have done to us! Even when we’re hurt or upset, we can remember that to show love to others, we have to forgive!

• Has there ever been a time when someone has done something wrong to you? If so, how did you forgive them?

• When we do something we know is wrong to someone else, how can we show love to them?

PRAY the following:

• That you would know God loves you and does not keep track of when you do wrong things.

• That God would help show love to others by not keeping track of the wrong things others do.