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February 21, 2021 Sis Michelle Harris

One of God’s names is Healer. We call God “Healer” because He can heal every hurt and our deepest needs. Say this after me: God Is My Healer

In the Bible, there was a king named Hezekiah. King Hezekiah was a young guy when he first took over and ended up being one of the greatest kings because he remained faithful to God. What do you think Hezekiah’s life was like because of that?

Because King Hezekiah was faithful, God made him successful in all he did! When King Hezekiah was around 39 years old, he became very sick. Have you ever been sick? How did you feel?

Well, Hezekiah wasn’t just sick with a sore throat or a stomach bug. The King was so sick that God sent him a message through a prophet named Isaiah telling Hezekiah to get things in order because he wasn’t going to get better, and soon he would die.

As you can imagine, this was tough news for King Hezekiah to hear. So Hezekiah prayed to God and asked Him to remember how faithful he had always been and how he had served God with his whole heart. Do you think God answered Hezekiah’s prayer?

Well, right after Hezekiah finished praying, God gave Isaiah another message for the King. This message told Hezekiah that God had heard his prayers! Do you think God hears us when we pray?

He sure does! Not only did God hear the King’s prayers, but God decided to heal him! God was going to add 15 extra years to Hezekiah’s life! God even sent a miraculous sign to confirm that what the prophet, Isaiah, had said was true!

God has many names, and one of those is Healer because God can heal any hurt we have. God cares about us, and He wants us to have healthy bodies, hearts, minds, and souls!

What was wrong with Hezekiah? Hezekiah was so sick that he was about to die.

So what did Hezekiah do when he heard this news? Prayed, asked God to heal him.

Then what happened? God healed him. God heard King Hezekiah’s prayers and added 15 years to his life! God healed Hezekiah, and God can heal us, too!

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