Children’s Ministry


April 19, 2020 Lady Michelle Harris

If you could build anything in the world, what would you want to build?

In this new series, we’re going to work on building our lives on God’s Word so that we will know how to deal with everything we feel. God gave us all so
many different emotions, and He wants us to use them in the right way. So say:

I NEED A DEAL (pound fist on flat palm)

WITH HOW I FEEL (fist to heart)

Watch Video Below

What are some different ways you can deal with these
feelings when you have them—sad, scared,
embarrassed, angry?

Which emotion is hardest for you to deal with and why?

What does it mean to deal with how you feel? (Stop,
Look, and Listen to what God says is best)


Find a box for each family member (like a shoe box or plastic container)

Have each family member place 2-3 things in their box that make them
feel happy (like a family photo, small stuffed animal, or special rock they

Decorate your boxes together with markers, crayons, stickers, etc.


For if our heart condemn us (thumbs to chest)
God is greater (point up)
Than our heart (pat heart)
and knoweth all things. (arms out wide)
1 John 3:20 (make book with hands)


Father God, thank You for giving us feelings. Please help us to stop, look, and listen to You so that we can know the best thing to do. We trust that You will help us because You love us. We love You! Amen!