Children’s Ministry


March 7, 2021 Sis Michelle Harris

Just like we all have names, God has different names that help us understand what He is like. One of God’s names is Defender. We call God “Defender” because, even though we can’t see Him, we can know He’s always protecting us. So say this with me: God Is My Defender

What were some of the ways God defended Elisha? The angel army, answered Elisha’s prayer. Just like God defended Elisha, God will defend you, too! God is always with you, and you can trust Him to protect you because He loves you!

Discussion Time

  1. What are some ways that God defends us, His people?

2. Do you think that God is working even when you can’t see Him?

3. Why does God defend us?

4. When you feel like you need to defend yourself, how can you let God defend you instead?

Say God Is My Defender