Children’s Ministry


March 21, 2021 Sis Michelle Harris

No matter where you go, you can always obey God. That’s what we need to know today, so say this after me: Obey God

What are some ways that Joseph obeyed God in today’s Bible story? Forgave his brothers, spoke kindly to his brothers, shared with his brothers, took care of his dad, didn’t give up obeying when it was hard

Did God have a good plan for Joseph’s life even though he went through some hard things? Yes! Just like He did for Joseph, God can take the hard things that happen in your life and turn them into something good.

Does knowing that God has a good plan for your life make you want to obey Him more? 

Discussion Time

  1. One way we obey God is by acting with justice. Do you remember what that means? Doing what’s right. How can you act with justice and do what’s right?
  2. Another way we obey God is by showing mercy. Do you remember what it means to show mercy? Being kind even when someone doesn’t deserve it. How have you been kind and shown mercy to others this week?
  3. The last way we’ve talked about obeying God is by being humble. What does being humble mean? Putting others first. Who is someone that you can put first this week?